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Generating Different Passwords For Each Website

When your account password is stolen from a website and if it’s the same password you use everywhere, that means your other accounts are also at risk. To prevent it, you are advised to put a different password for each account which is hard to remember and annoying. I’ll show you an easy way to sort it out without using a password manager.

Use an Algorithm to Generate Different Passwords

– Firstly, create a strong password which includes lowercase-uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

For instance “kTv29!Bu” but to make it easy to understand let’s say “12345678”.

– Decide where to add letters to this password(Shown with underscore character).

For instance; 12_345_67_8

– Depending on the website’s name, choose which letters to be used. Let’s say you decided to use second, third and the last character. So, if you want to create a password for Instagram, your letters will be; ‘n‘, ‘s‘ and ‘m‘.

Applying that, your Instagram password will be 12n345s67m8

With the same algorithm, your Twitter password will be 12w345i67r8

For Reddit, it’ll be 12e345d67t8

Doing that, your password will be unique for each account and if exposed, only that account will be affected.

Make Even Stronger Passwords

You may even create stronger passwords by capitalizing some of the chosen letters and using the next or previous letters in the alphabet;

Let’s say, you decided the last two chosen letters to be capital and all of the chosen characters to be the next letter in the alphabet(like ab or ef).

So, this means your letters to be added will be ‘o‘, ‘T‘, ‘N‘ for Instagram(12o345T67N8) and ‘x‘, ‘J‘ and ‘S‘ for Twitter(12x345J67S8).

I hope this helps and gives you an idea for your own algorithm.

Stay safe.

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