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Canceling Paid Subscription Renewals

Nowadays, more and more premium digital services are offered with monthly or yearly paid subscriptions. The majority of these paid contents are movies, TV shows and sporting events.

Renewal Cancellation As You Start Your Subscription

Mostly, there is no “don’t renew” option while you subscribe for the most websites and applications. In case you buy the service with monthly/yearly plan and store your credit card on the system, there is a great chance that you may lose your interest but your subscription renewed automatically next month/year.

The Solution

So, the best way to control your subscription is to cancel it immediately after you subscribe. The “cancel subscription” button doesn’t mean you don’t want this service anymore but it means “you don’t want to renew it“. If you do that, you’ll notice the membership status shows you the expiration date. This means you’ll have the control of your subscription manually and you don’t lose your rights.

Don’t pay for the services you don’t consume and enjoy your chosen premium content 😇

Have a good day 🙌

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