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Canceling Paid Subscription Renewals

Nowadays, more and more premium digital services are offered with monthly or yearly paid subscriptions. The majority of these paid contents are movies, TV shows and sporting events. Renewal Cancellation As You Start Your Subscription Mostly, there is no “don’t renew” option while you subscribe for the most websites and applications. In case you buy […]

Indistinguishable Uppercase ‘i’ and Lowercase ‘L’ Characters

Uppercase ‘i’ and lowercase ‘L’ letters are almost indistinguishable when written with the most of the fonts. This is a serious security and readability issue on the internet. You may have encountered receiving an sms confirmation code like “UgIh43ea” and never be sure if the 3rd character is an uppercase ‘i’ or lowercase ‘L’. This […]

Calculating Multiple Discounts with C#

Sometimes companies offer double or multiple discounts. While calculating, this doesn’t mean you get the sum of these percentages. For instance, if you get 50%+50% discount, this doesn’t mean you can get the product for free 😄. It’s because you get the second discount over the subtracted amount of first discount. Let’s say the product […]

Differences Between the Turkish and Latin Alphabet

The Turkish alphabet consists of all the Latin letters along with additional ones but except ‘Q’, ‘W’ and ‘X’. Non-Latin letters are such an issue especially on having social media usernames, domain names and email addresses where the Turkish letters are not supported. Although there is a “.tr” domain name service with Turkish letter support, […]

Generating Different Passwords For Each Website

When your account password is stolen from a website and if it’s the same password you use everywhere, that means your other accounts are also at risk. To prevent it, you are advised to put a different password for each account which is hard to remember and annoying. I’ll show you an easy way to […]